Tuesday, September 01, 2009

5 AM Wake Up Calls

Getting to school by 7:00-7:15 requires waking up around 5:00-5:15. Yesterday was rough, but today I feel much better. Dogsitting was a perfect prelude to getting up for school; every morning I woke up with three dog noses dangerously close to my nose. I'm testing out drinking a cup of coffee in the morning--it's been months since I've used the coffee pot. I find that when I really need that cup of coffee is at about 12 when it feels like I've already been at school forever and am falling asleep trying to observe my mentor teacher. It may be that I'm bored of watching the same lesson for the 3rd and 4th time. But I'm pretty sure I could have napped.

Today will be even longer. I am going in at 7, staying after for the Department meeting, and then going to work from 4-7. I've done the 12 hour days before, and I know they are just rough on me. Tomorrow is the same deal, with the option to carry over until 9 or 10 if I go to the open house to meet parents (which I think would be a really good thing for me to do). I think I probably will rein in my desire to go b/c I might not make it through the week if I do.

Last night I worked on getting some initial key points for teaching character and setting. I'm very excited about point of view b/c it has always been a favorite of mine. There's just something cool about it. Anyway, very excited for another day!